What is MATCH?

MATCH is an anthology web series.  Each episode is its own story and is related to the other episodes only by a set of very general themes.  Each episode is also a pilot for its own series.  Over the next several months, you, the audience will help us decide which of these pilots, if any, get turned into their own series.  If a pilot gets enough views, we'll make it into a series, it's as simple as that.  Stay tuned for more information about what the "view threshold" will be.

MATCH began as a grand experiment to see whether it was possible to crowd source the creation of high-quality narrative content and use the Internet to do it.  30,000 people applied to be a part of it, auditions were held in nine cities – LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago, NY, DC, Miami, Austin and Albuquerque – and it was shot in 3 cities – LA, SF and Austin.  Of those 30,000 people, about 300 of them actually got to work on MATCH in some capacity.   

And that’s the first time that has happened – MATCH is the first narrative series created entirely by members of an online network.

Series details

Number of episodes: 7
Released: 2014
Locations: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin
Executive Producer: Andres Faucher
Executive Producer: Kevin Allen Jackson
Co-Executive Producer: Jake Eberle
Producer: Cleo Valente
Co-Producers: Wes ChappellBanks Boutté
Line Producer: Vanessa Coto

Please share with your friends. The more people who see this episode, the more likely it'll be turned into its own series!